A New Shoe-Sheriff ‘The White Pole’ Combining Luxury and Affordability

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The Welcoming parade for the months of festival bliss this year seemingly appears to have started with a bang on a market sector that hasn’t seen much diversity in quite a while. From heart-achingly good designs to custom carved finesse, shoes have been the stealers of a woman’s heart ever since before the lifestyle industry has gained insights into hybridizing Clothing & Footwear.


The white Pole exclusive collections


But often enough, these heart thieves are either way too pricey or can’t match the quality of an article women might wish to lay their feet on.


A new brand has emerged in the shoe market that lays these conundrums to rest. The White Pole. Having started their venture in the recent months, the new shoe stars, hope to achieve the one thing many women’s shoe brands have yet failed to achieve – provide good quality shoes within budget.


With a boldly announced initiative, aspire to inspire women all over the country, the experienced entrepreneur, Vaibhav Goel, rung the bell of a challenge to all the big shots of the present market as he unveiled the new online shoe shopping experience last week.


The e-commerce platform showcasing some of the most unique and flattering shoe designs was made live on July 20, 2021, gaining a tremendous reach and orders within the first few hours of the launch.


Vaibhav Goel Founder of The White Pole says, “The White Pole is not just a brand. It’s my dream which I have made a reality through years of discipline, practice, experience, sweat, and love with an aim of providing fine quality footwear range. We tend to create designs that are comfy enough to keep you going all day long and stylish enough to make heads turn. And this is what matters. Seeing that smile on a woman’s face when she feels comfortable enough to just be herself. It’s what The White Pole was made for.”


Showcasing the latest, trending and chic pairs from workwear to daily wear, party wear to ethnic all under one roof, The White Pole delivers shoes all over the country and boasts a delivery in an impressive three days.


With the motto of bringing quality fashion at affordable prices to every household across the country, The White Pole plans to spread its wings towards diversification of the niche with high-end products, apparel, accessories and bringing affordable fashion to every nook and corner of the world, delivering quality products with an affordable price tag.


The brand is being speculated to be focusing on working women, housemakers and party-goers alike which is corroborated by the collection featuring on their website. While not exactly confirming the speculations, it cannot be denied that the new Shoe-House is moving in a direction that is rarely taken by new e-commerce platforms.


Would this be the start of something new and never seen before a leap for the shoe industry in India? Would the brand live up to its current success? These are all questions that women in the country would like to find out. Perhaps ordering the best pair might be a fair bet to stay tuned.


Please visit our collection at www.thewhitepole.com.

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