How To Get SBI mPassbook Online?



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SBI is widely regarded as the fastest and most effective of every public sector bank when it comes to implementing digital innovations. As a result, a mPassbook is an electronic representation of a traditional passbook. Through signing in with their internet banking or mobile banking customers of SBI can easily access and download it. The records of transactions made by you on your savings or current account are specified in the mPassbook in the electronic form much like your physical passbook. The mPassbook function is available on SBI’s mobile applications, namely ‘SBI Anywhere,’ ‘SBI YONO,’ and ‘SBI Quick,’ which can be downloaded from the default app store of your mobile phone. Then, using your online banking username and password you can sign in to your account in order to get or download mPassbook. Here’re the ways following which you can get SBI mPassbook online.

How To Get SBI mPassbook Online?

Benefits of SBI mPassbook

The digital variant of a paper passbook that you can use on your mobile is called mPassbook. It works similarly to a physical passbook since the most recent transactions have been uploaded into it.

SBI mPassbook is accessible through the SBI Anywhere, SBI YONO, and SBI Quick mobile apps. You can also be familiar with the username and password for SBI internet banking. You’ll be able to access your mPassbook only after signing in to any of the apps.

SBI mPassbook helps you to view your transaction records on the go. This means that you don’t need to go to the bank to get your physical passbook updated with the most recent details.

There are no additional fees related to using SBI mPassbook. All you need is a mobile and access to the internet connectivity.

SBI mPassbook is quite secure because you must enter your internet banking user ID and password to view, access and download it.


To get the mPassbook you need to keep in mind certain prerequisite which are as follows:

You must have an active mobile number which is linked with your savings account.

You must have a valid User ID and Password of your net banking account.

Your registered mobile number must be in an active state to get OTP.

Steps to get SBI mPassbook via YONO

Open the SBI YONO Lite app in your mobile phone and sign in to your account using the required credentials.

Now under the menu, tap on ‘My Accounts’ and then tap on ‘mPassbook’ from the list

Now tap on ‘View mPassbook’ and select your account number

Now tap on ‘Refresh’ icon to access the latest transactions of your account

Steps to get SBI mPassbook via SBI Quick App

Open the SBI Quick App in your mobile and under the menu bar, tap on ‘Account Services’

Now under the ‘6 month e-statement section’ tap on the ‘Message’ icon

Now enter your account number and a 4-digit passcode

You will get the e-statement on your registered email ID which you can open using the given passcode.

Steps to get SBI mPassbook via SBI Anywhere App

Open the ‘SBI Anywhere’ app in your mobile and you will get the link of mPassbook on the right side of the app.

Now click on the mPassbook option and you will be asked to enter your net banking User ID and mPassbook PIN.

Following this, the SBI savings accounts you have will be displayed on your device screen. Select the account from the list for which you want to access mPassbook.

Now the mPassbook will open successfully, It will display the transactions on your mobile that have already been synchronised.

Steps to create mPassbook PIN

Follow the steps below to generate a PIN for mPassbook if you don’t have:

Open the SBI Anywhere app in your mobile and sign in to your account

Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Create/Reset mPassbook PIN’ from the list

Enter a 4-digit mPassbook PIN and confirm the same

Go to the mPassbook tab to synchronise the mPassbook, once done your 4-digit mPassbook PIN will be successfully generated.

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