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NewsVoir is India’s leading news distribution platform. They specialize in creating, distributing and measuring the distribution of corporate press releases, financial announcements and multimedia content to media, social platforms, investment communities and other key audiences in India and around the globe.

  • The NewsVoir team comprises of professionals who have a wealth of experience in the media and newswire industry and are passionate about their work. NewsVoir provides PR and Corporate Communications professionals, PR Agencies, Business Owners, and Digital Marketing Professionals a trustworthy press distribution platform to simplify their media outreach at reasonable costs. At the same time we are committed to our media networks, journalists and social media partners to provide them high quality, valuable and shareable news.
  • NewsVoir provides news distribution solutions to marketing and PR professionals, representing companies of all sizes, right from start-ups to the fortune 500. We take pride in connecting corporates, small enterprises, startups who are the news makers with audiences across India and around the world by sharing news that directly affects the markets, customers and investors alike.
  • NewsVoirs publishing and distribution standards are at par with international benchmarks for high quality content publishing and distribution practices. We respect the trust that our clients place in us and deliver personal service and exceptional value to every customer, every time a release is submitted.

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Economic Times Rss Feed Policy as per their article

RSS is a way of providing content to the user’s browser or desktop in an efficient way. By using RSS feeds, the user can stay updated on the news from ET and other news sources with little extra effort. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are normally provided in three ways: headlines only, headlines with excerpts and full text feeds. ET provides you headlines with excerpts, for free.

ET grants you permission to only access and make personal use of its RSS feeds and you agree not to, directly or indirectly, download, modify, alter, change, amend, vary, transform, revise, translate, copy, publish, distribute or otherwise disseminate these RSS feeds, or any portion of these — except with the express consent of Times Internet Ltd (TIL). TIL forbids you from any attempts at displaying, hosting, aggregating, reselling or putting to commercial use either directly or indirectly TIL’s RSS feeds or any part of the same. follows these rules and if Economic Times will have problem with our work they can simply contact us at for removal of articles and partnership

We will Slightly change the articles via Economic Times using WordPress Auto Spinner. And we will give your site a proper credit in each article